The Client

Our Client is a UK-based technology company, specializing in the development of a proprietary molecular detection platform. While the Company had generated initial revenues through pilot contracts and sales of prototype products, to date it has primarily operated as an R&D hub, and has yet to fully commercialize its technology. The Client has invested millions in R&D, innovation and product development, as well as protecting its IP assets.

The Assignment

Our Client recognized that this platform, and related IP assets, were key to achieving its route to commercialization and securing its future competitive advantage. The Client had developed three patent-backed, proprietary platform technologies that focused on the detection of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), with a plethora of applicability across the highly regulated defense and healthcare industries, as well as the air quality monitoring sector. Our Client sought an IP Valuation of its critical IP assets in order to inform strategic decision making and help secure a commercial partner to further product development.

Our Approach

Using our Metisology® approach, we performed a deep dive into the Company’s IP assets, product development and its route to commercialization. Through our Information Discovery process, we identified that the Company was an estimated two to three years from achieving full commercialization of its technologies, and intended to operate in industries that were both high-risk and dynamic. This made the estimation of likely demand of a new entrant difficult, and we therefore valued the Company’s IP assets utilizing the replacement cost methodology. We established that the Company’s patents, software, key organizational knowledge and trade secrets were critical in achieving its route to commercialization and securing its future competitive advantage.

We performed analyses on M&A and fundraising in the three target sectors in which the Company intended to operate in order to identify both the likely demand for the technology, as well as the appetite of market participants for M&A and market consolidation.

The Outcome

We delivered a valuation of the Company’s IP assets using a replacement cost method which demonstrated the most likely value that a buyer of this essentially pre-revenue, yet proven technology solution would accept. We provided in-depth narrative around the IP assets underpinning its competitive advantage, the stage of product development, and its route to commercialization. Owing to our unique understanding of the Company’s IP assets and their importance, the Client has returned to request our assistance in identifying potential buyers/investors for its IP portfolio.

IP Assets Valued: Patents, Software, Trade Secrets, Key Organizational Knowledge.