The Client

A leading creator and provider of industry and internationally recognized data center and network infrastructure training programs. The Company has grown to become a major provider of specialized training programs, which are delivered across five continents to a plethora of high-profile customers and partners. Our Client has been a leading player within their field for decades and through their success has built a significant reputation and position within the market. The Company has developed a market-leading brand that is associated with premium quality and recognized that its brand was the key driver for securing its competitive advantage.


The Assignment

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Client was forced to transition from face-to-face teaching to more remote teaching methods, which resulted in important changes to its IP Portfolio, namely its key organisational knowledge. The Client is a returning client and sought our expertise in performing an updated valuation of its critical IP assets to support internal strategy and future exit planning.

Our Approach

We valued the brand and reputation, key organizational knowledge, and database belonging to our client on a fair value basis. We utilized our Metisology® approach whereby we conducted analysis into the quality of the IP assets owned by the client. We assessed how the IP assets were developed, managed and protected using our proprietary brand scorecard. In particular, we benchmarked the brand’s position in the relevant market segment and the wider business services industry and assessed the company’s marketing activities that supported both brand image and reputation management and its routes to market. From our information discovery process, we identified that the company’s strong recurring revenues from its client base was a result of their exceptional reputation, particularly through a focus on client service.

In addition to this, we conducted further analysis on the business services industry as well as the market drivers that are relevant to the Company’s key revenue streams. We also sought to understand critical growth opportunities within their industry and appraised the Company’s business model and the ways this is used to underpin financial forecasts.

The Outcome

We delivered a robust and reliable valuation of the Company’s key IP assets, which is used to support internal strategy and support future exit planning.

IP Assets Valued: Brand and Reputation, Key Organizational Knowledge, and Database.