The Company

The Company is a UK-based distributor of machinery and equipment components, with revenues of circa £10m and a rich 70-year history. The Company carries an extensive portfolio of C-class components and aims to meet immediate customer demand, which provides a significant commercial advantage over competitors.


The Assignment

We were engaged to assist the Trustees of the Company’s pension fund, a returning client, to value its trade mark portfolio. The Client owned a trade mark portfolio consisting of 25 registered trade marks and 3 trade mark applications, protecting a number of corporate and product brand names. These trade marks were utilised extensively by the Company. The Client required an updated valuation in order to inform internal discussions regarding the licensing agreement between the Company’s pension fund and the Company.

Our Approach

We valued the trade mark portfolio on a fair value basis. Using our Metisology® approach we performed a deep dive into the extent of the trade mark portfolio as well as how it was managed, protected and exploited. Our mapping exercise and IP diligence enable us to fully appreciate how the trade mark portfolio contributed to the Company’s brand identity, market position and underpinned revenues.

Furthermore, we performed analysis on the machinery and equipment distributor industry, to assess the key drivers of industry growth and the company’s business strategy for achieving its financial forecasts.

The Outcome

We delivered a reliable, referenceable valuation of the trade mark portfolio ahead of schedule, that included narrative on the extent and quality of the trade marks and demonstrated how this IP underpinned material revenue streams and ultimately contributed to the Company’s competitive advantage.

The Client utilized the valuation to re-assess the licensing agreement in place between the Company’s pension fund and the Company, and to support internal decision making going forward.

IP Assets Valued: Trade mark portfolio