The Client

Metis Partners was engaged to sell the IP assets of an innovative award-winning food safety company that had developed products to test a variety of items in the global food supply chain. The Company had invested and created an extensive IP portfolio, but was in financial distress.

The Assignment

Metis Partners was asked to perform an intensive sales and marketing campaign to recover the maximum value possible from the IP assets.

Our Approach

Using our Metisology® approach we identified an extensive portfolio of IP assets which included internationally protected patents, trade marks, design rights and a wealth of documented and critical organizational knowledge.

We produced bespoke sales and marketing documentation, including a ‘technology overview’ to help explain the unique bundle of IP assets that the Company had developed. Our market research helped us build and utilize a bespoke database of potentially interested parties from multiple markets and sectors, as well as Metis Partners’ existing global network of active IP asset acquirors.

The Outcome

We attracted significant interest and secured offers from numerous international entities. Our auction process created and maintained competitive tension throughout. Metis Partners was able to provide greater transparency over the IP assets and demonstrated their commercial potential in different applications. We facilitated buyer due diligence and negotiated with interested parties through to deal completion, and successfully negotiate a deal that was substantially higher than the original best offer received.