The Client

We were engaged by a manufacturer of premium vodka. The Company had been founded by a young entrepreneur with a vision of creating a uniquely blended vodka. The Company had developed a recipe in conjunction with a 500-year old brewery in Eastern Europe and both the brand and product had won multiple industry awards.

The Assignment

An offer had been made in relation to the IP and we were engaged to provide an independent valuation of the IP assets in order to reassure the parties involved that the offer price was fair.

Our Approach

Using our Metisology® approach, we identified IP assets relating to the brand and reputation, registered and unregistered trademarks, but also discovered assets that were relatively unique but critical to the revenues of the business, including critical customer relationships with retailers, content-rich branded website and domain and extensive bank of marketing collateral and rights in the labelling design.

The Outcome

Our IP valuation supported a successful transfer of this unique IP bundle of right. The supply and customer contracts & relationships were able to be successfully transferred to the buyer. This not only avoided the loss of the associated goodwill and established supply chain, but ensured the seller recovered value for its creation of this critical IP.

We cross-checked our IP valuation against comparable IP sales data from our extensive and unique IP benchmark database. This provided an additional layer of comfort to both parties that the value we delivered reflected the likely recovery from

selling similar IP assets on the open market from a distressed company.
IP Assets Valued – Brand & Trade Marks, Website & Domains, Customer Databases, Design Rights