The Client

A UK-based company providing IT support and consultancy services to SMEs across the UK with a trading history of over 15 years. The Client had developed two software platforms for a leading trade association in the UK Construction sector, generating over £100k per annum in royalty income.

The Assignment

We were engaged by the Company to appraise and value two proprietary software platforms, in order to inform negotiations with a potential buyer.

Our Approach

Metis Partners worked with limited information due to the Company being a micro business. Utilizing our Metisology® approach, we conducted an in-depth information discovery process to ensure that we had identified and captured all of the IP assets that underpinned relevant revenue streams prior to performing a valuation. Through this information discovery process, we identified that the IP Portfolio comprised software, valuable contractual rights, and brand-related assets.

The Outcome

We delivered a robust valuation of the Company’s IP Portfolio using internationally accepted valuation methodologies. Our report included an IP narrative that explained the extent and quality of the IP assets, and their contribution to the Company’s competitive advantage and material revenues. The Company can now accurately communicate the value of its IP Portfolio to potential buyers, assisting negotiations to secure a successful M&A outcome.

IP Assets Valued: Software, Contractual Agreement, Product Brands