The Client

Our Client is a multi-award winning medical group (the “Group”) with revenues of over £25m and a rich 35-year heritage in the cosmetic surgery industry. The Group comprises two companies and multiple clinics throughout the UK, specializing in the provision of innovative non-invasive and minimally invasive cosmetic procedures. The Group commits millions of pounds per annum to marketing activities in order to secure and protect and underpin its market-leading brand.

The Assignment

We were asked to conduct two Full IP Valuations in respect of the critical IP assets underpinning the separate companies within the Group – each with distinct customer-facing brands, customer data and key organizational knowledge. Despite the businesses operating under separate brand names, they each demonstrated a market-leading position within the cosmetic surgery industry, reinforced by their premium quality procedures and effective brand strategies and market position. The Client required separate valuations of IP assets owned by each of its customer-facing businesses, in order to support an internal transfer of IP and to inform strategic decision-making.

Our Approach

Using our Metisology® approach, we performed a thorough Information Discovery exercise, evaluating the Company’s IP Portfolio to identify the ownership of IP assets and map these to the relevant business, before determining their contribution to each business’ competitive advantage. Performing diligence into the ownership of IP assets was critical, in order to understand the IP assets owned separately by each business and avoid ‘double counting’ IP held by the Group as a whole. Through our Information Discovery process, we determined the key IP assets underpinning each business’ competitive advantage to be their established brands and brand-related assets, extensive key organizational knowledge, and data-rich customer databases.

Our research and analysis extended into desk-based research of the cosmetic surgery industry, which included analysis of key drivers of industry growth as well as significant M&A in the industry.

The Outcome

We delivered two separate Full IP Valuations of the Company’s key IP assets, providing detailed commentary around the IP assets underpinning each business and the independent value of these. This allowed our Client to assess the materiality of each of its IP assets and supported internal decision-making regarding the transfer of IP to an IP holding company.

IP Assets Valued: Brand, Key Organizational Knowledge, and Critical Databases.