The Client

The Company operates in the Education Technology sector, providing training and learning programs that are focused on customer service, management, and strategic leadership. The Company has developed extensive proprietary learning content and has invested in software development to provide an industry-leading, proprietary, interactive training platform. After years of sustained organic growth, the Company is scaling-up its operations and diversifying its product portfolio, creating and developing its IP Portfolio in the process.

The Assignment

We were engaged to perform an IP valuation to inform internal decision-making about corporate structure and options for securing growth finance. The Company was also exploring a transfer of its critical IP assets to an IP holding company, in order to shelter and protect its IP from the risks associated with the trading entities, particularly as it scaled up operations.

Our Approach

Using our Metisology® approach, we determined that the Company’s software and organizational knowledge were critical IP assets that were driving revenues. Our analysis of the Company’s brand & reputation uncovered a unique approach to client engagement process. This was detailed and meticulously followed, and this key organizational knowledge ensured customer acquisition costs were kept to a minimum. The Company’s database was also utilized to onsell subsequent services and had evidence of recurring corporate customers.

We explored how the brand-related assets were developed, protected and managed, and used our proprietary royalty rate scorecard to benchmark the Client’s position in the management training market and the wider business services industry. The Company’s proprietary software platform was identified as a major contributor to value as it differentiated the Company’s service offering, when compared to current competitors.

The Outcome

We delivered a robust, independent IP valuation which the Company utilized to inform its strategic decision making. The Company now has transparency over the value of its IP, which can be used as a reference point to either transfer the IP assets to a separate entity or leverage it to secure growth finance.

IP Assets Valued: Key Organizational Knowledge, Software, Brand & Reputation