What’s the Benefit? 

Commercializing intellectual property (or “IP”) assets enables companies to create new revenue streams which can subsequently be re-invested into critical business processes and improve the overall return on investment in IP assets. 

Who Needs IP Commercialization Services? 

Companies or IP owners who: 

  • want to maximize their return on investment for IP assets 
  • have IP assets that are no longer relevant for key business activities 
  • are exploring additional revenue stream for their IP assets 
  • would like to understand the likely market interest for their IP assets. 

How Can Our IP Commercialization Service Help? 

We can help you generate cash through the sale of your intellectual property assets in various scenarios. We advise on licensing structures to enable you to exploit your IP assets.  

We help you maximize your financial return through the commercialization of your IP assets. 

Metis Partners - Intellectual Property Commercialization

IP Asset Sale 

Our auction process ensures competitive tension is created throughout the sales period to generate a return on investment for clients.  

Our process: 

  • Identifies, catalogues, and gathers all relevant information available in relation to the company’s IP assets to highlight and bolster their value 
  • Creates a comprehensive marketing document packaging all IP assets to maximize value prior to the sale 
  • Builds a bespoke database incorporating contact information of potentially interested parties from multiple markets and sectors 
  • Utilizeour database of contacts from previous and similar IP sales assignments, as well as our existing global network of contacts interested in acquiring a wide range of IP assets via an active marketing campaign 
  • Handles and negotiates all formal expressions of interest from buyers and provide tactical support through any bidding process. 

IP Licensing

Licensing IP can be a simple way for your company to generate additional revenue and improve competitive barriers to entry.  

Why License? 

  • if it no longer has use for a particular patent portfolio 
  • leverage licensing as a way to attract a lucrative partnership. 

Our Process: 

  • Identifies the most commercially relevant licensing partner 
  • Advises on specific terms to include/exclude, which are reflective of the circumstances the company is in and the required objective 
  • Advises on how to structure and tactically execute a licensing transaction 
  • Negotiates with identified partners to ensure they understand the value of the commercial opportunity they are securing through the license 
  • Analyzes and advises on royalty rate or licensing fee structures.  

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