IP Commercialisation


Commercialising IP is a way for companies to exploit proprietary intellectual property assets in order to create new revenue streams which can subsequently be re-invested into critical business processes, such as R&D.

IP Licensing

Licensing IP can be an easy way for your company to generate additional revenues and improve competitive barriers to entry. There are many reasons a company will consider licensing its IP – for example, it may be that the company no longer has a use for a particular patent portfolio, and so is considering licensing it out to another party who is interested in exploiting that particular technology. Conversely, it may be that the company is using licensing as a way to grow or to attract a lucrative partnership.

When considering licensing, there are many factors that a company must consider including:

  • Exclusivity
  • Use
  • Territory
  • Time period
  • Foreground/ Background IP
  • Future Developments
  • Any services provided by licensor along with assets
  • Royalties or another payment method

Metis Partners have the expertise and track record to guide you in:

  • Identifying the most commercially relevant licensing partner
  • Advising you on specific terms to include/exclude, which are reflective of the circumstances the company is in and the required objective
  • Advising you on how to structure and tactically execute a licensing transaction
  • Negotiating with identified partners to ensure they understand the value of the commercial opportunity they are securing through the license
  • Royalty rate or license fee analysis and advice. We have access to the most up-to-date market transactions and are experts in IP valuation, enabling us to ensure that you are fully informed on the value of the IP assets to be included in any transaction and are therefore able to charge a fair market rate

Though licensing remains at its core, commercialisation’s remit is much broader than just licensing, and may cover activities such as tech transfer assignments, knowledge transfer and new product development. Critically, Metis Partners can help you choose the appropriate IP commercialisation activity in order to leverage IP assets which are capable of exploitation but have remained dormant within the company, bolstering the value of these particular assets.

In any commercialisation activity which involves a collaboration with another company, it is critical that consideration is given to remit, risks and timescales. Metis Partners has extensive experience in addressing these potential issues, and can help you decide which commercialisation opportunity is right for you, as well as advise you throughout the process of preparing, negotiating and completing a deal in order to maximise the IP asset ROI for your business.