Metis Partners has built up a wealth of experience working across a variety of business sectors with a diverse range of companies and their professional advisers by delivering strategic, realistic and measurable IP-related commercial advice. Over the course of ten years, we have consistently delivered valuable recommendations to our clients, who are predominantly IP-rich companies, lenders and investors, which allows them to properly identify, manage, protect and exploit critical IP assets. But as a dynamic and responsive firm, our services never remain static – we are constantly responding to client needs in order to deliver bespoke, tailored services relevant to the IP-related issue at hand, whether it involves market analysis to help identify a route to market for a novel piece of IP or the negotiation and valuation of an international licensing programme.

Metis Partners has consistently been recognised for the quality of its work, having recently been named the “UK – Specialist IP Advisory Firm of the Year” at the 2014 ACQ Global Awards. In the same year, WIPO commissioned Metis Partners to write a report and make recommendations focused on creating guidance for “transition and developing countries” to help them develop more effective strategies for SMEs and encourage them to put SME IP asset development and IP finance at the heart of economic development.

Our IP Advisory services consist of the following:

  • IP Audit – a critical but often overlooked first step, our IP Audits identify, map and rate a company’s IP assets to make it easy for management and other stakeholders to quickly recognise the most valuable IP assets underpinning a business’s competitive advantage. Next we provide strategic recommendations focused on better managing IP risks as well as activities focused on protecting and exploiting these critical IP assets.
  • IP Management – IP management can take the form of short assignments focused on high risk, high impact results, such as trade secrets policy implementation and protection assignments prior to entering into JVs/partnerships, or longer term engagements focused on developing an active IP management programme for sustainable value generation by creating, implementing and maintaining a robust IP strategy which links directly with a business strategy to ensure turnover and profit growth. Metis Partners also offers a virtual Chief Intellectual Property Officer (“vCIPO”) service, which provides consistent on-demand IP-focused support for growing SMEs with a need for ad-hoc IP related advice, but who have limited funding and/or internal resource.
  • IP Financefocused on using IP assets as security in an investment or lending scenarios, we help companies secure funding against IP assets in order to raise new capital or simply to ease the pain of refinancing and restructuring existing debt. On the flip-side we advise lenders and investors how to take security over IP assets and what conditions need to be enforced to ensure their client maintains the integrity of those IP assets.
  • IP Commercialisation – helping inventors and companies alike navigate their way through the complexities of IP-related commercialisation deals and structures to exploit proprietary intellectual property assets in order to create different business models capable of generating new revenue streams. Metis Partners has particular expertise in providing a range of specialist advice and support on appropriate licence strategies and structures, commercial royalty rates and market entry strategies using IP as an enabler. We have helped companies to license IP in sustainable ways which generates additional revenue for the company beyond the lifetime of the IP assets without prejudicing its own interests and business activities.
  • Patent Box – on the back of the Patent Box Scheme, which came into force in April 2013, we can work with companies and their advisors to help them match revenue streams with relevant patents, as well as assist in determining the appropriate notional royalty rates for companies which generate IP-derived income.
  • Exit Support – which centres on helping companies to improve the sale price and valuation of their business in advance of exit, often triggered after an initial approach to buy the business has been made.
  • Royalty Audit – in brief, a royalty audit  is used to check that the licensee is paying the correct royalties and complying with the terms of the licence.


Photo credit: Max Froumentin Licence: CC BY 2.0 Image: Cropped