Meet the Team…

We’re a friendly bunch, so have a read below and learn a little bit more about us and what makes us tick!

Staff in our UK office:

Stephen Robertson

Stephen Robertson (Director) 

Acknowledged as one of the “World’s 300 Leading IP Strategists” by IAM Magazine, Stephen founded Metis Partners in 2003 to assist businesses with the maximisation of value from their IP assets. He has advised a range of enterprises including FTSE quoted companies, SMEs, global banks, insolvency practitioners and public sector organisations across Europe and the United States. Stephen’s experience includes monetising IP assets, providing IP due diligence, delivering IP strategies, IP asset brokerage and IP asset valuation. He also provides expertise with IP commercialisation, using IP assets as security to restructure debt and IP infringement and invalidity. Stephen has 20 years’ experience in corporate finance and has worked in banking, business angel investment and the plc sectors. Stephen graduated with a degree in law before qualifying as a Chartered Accountant with Deloitte and Touche. He is currently Chairman of the Licensing Executives Society for Scotland and is a member of the LES Council for Britain and Ireland. He is also a frustrated diva having appeared on Pop Idol USA!

Teams: Advisory, Valuation, Due Diligence, IP100

Dovile Kemezyte

Dovile Kemezyte (Manager, Marketing & Recruitment) 

Dovile, Metis Partners marketing manager, focuses her expertise on raising awareness of Metis Partners’ services across the Advisory, Valuation, Brokerage and Corporate Recovery departments, strengthening the brand and further developing client relationships. Dovile has experience in graphic design, photography and event organisation. She graduated from the University of Strathclyde with a Honours degree in Finance and Marketing and has previously driven the growth of start-up companies with business development strategies in the Entrepreneurial Spark incubator. In her spare time, Dovile draws, cycles and is an amateur photographer.

Teams: Marketing, IP100

Luisa Robertson

Luisa Robertson (Head of IP Policy) 

Luisa is responsible for developing and implementing IP policy/strategy at Metis Partners. Her role includes developing Metis Partners processes and services impacted by changing regulations (e.g. SIP 16 and FRS 102); monitoring Metis Partners participation in IP development both in the UK and overseas (eg UK IPO and WIPO and European Commission Report on IP valuation); and implementing relevant recommendations from relevant IP-reports and working parties.
Luisa qualified as a Chartered Accountant with Deloitte & Touche in 1994 and then worked for the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland for 7 years as Director of Student Education, before becoming a freelance consultant. She relies on her technical accounting and reporting background to oversee our valuation services and provide technical assistance in the analysis of the performance and financial position of companies.
She has lectured and examined extensively for a number of professional accountancy bodies in the area of financial reporting and authored a study text on Financial Management.

Teams: AdvisoryValuation

Aylin Dzhafer

Aylin Dzhafer (Manager, IP Valuation – Corporate Recovery & Restructuring) 

With an LLB in Law and International Relations from the University of Portsmouth, Aylin recently completed her LLM in International Economic Law at the University of Edinburgh. Her previous professional commitments include an internship at the European Parliament, working for an OSCE Election Observation Mission and experience at a law firm where she was involved in researching the legal aspects of technology transfer. She has been a research volunteer for human rights organisations, the most recent being the Edinburgh and Lothians Regional Equality Council.

Team: Corporate Recovery

Morven Fraser

Morven Fraser (Manager, IP Sales – Corporate Recovery & Restructuring) 

Morven specialises in assisting clients selling and valuing intellectual property assets from financial distress or insolvency. She is experienced in identifying, assessing and selling IP assets and has worked on projects in a variety of sectors including Oil & Gas, Renewable Energy and Technology. Morven holds both an undergraduate degree in French at the University of St Andrews, as well as a doctorate in French literature from the University of St Andrews. In her spare time, she likes to go hill walking and drinks a lot of coffee.

Team: Corporate Recovery

Saj Ali

Saj Ali (Manager, IP Valuation) 

Saj is a finance graduate with an Honours degree from the University of Strathclyde, who is currently focusing on IP valuations as part of the advisory team to give our clients the best opportunities to get the most from their IP assets. Previously, he has experience working in the Insurance industry, offering financial products and services and helping with managing a team to achieve challenging sales targets. He also has a keen interest in business and financial markets, and has an eye for detail when it comes to innovation and design in technology, which he also studied for the first 3 years of University.

Teams: AdvisoryValuation

Ruby Chan

Ruby Chan (Analyst) 

Ruby works in IP asset sales (brokerage) and the Corporate Recovery team. She has experience in the identification, valuation, marketing and sale of intellectual property assets from insolvency and distress as well as going-concern. Since joining Metis Partners, Ruby has focused on IP asset sales and has worked across varied industries, including IT and Software, Retail, Medical Devices, and Consumer Goods. Ruby holds an MA in Philosophy from Glasgow University and an MSc. in Business and Management from Strathclyde Business School. Ruby is an avid Lego collector and loves to play video games in her spare time (she wouldn’t admit it but she’s also slightly obsessed with fashion)!

Teams: Brokerage, Corporate Recovery


Jack Gillespie

Jack Gillespie (Junior Analyst) 

Jack is a mathematics graduate with an Honours degree from the University of Strathclyde. He currently works in Metis Partners’ Valuation team and helps companies value their IP assets in a variety of scenarios in advance of raising investment, company exit, moving IP from one business to another and PPA. Jack has previously spent time working as a mathematics teacher in Scottish secondary schools, and also has experience of sports and technology journalism. In his spare time, Jack performs as a stand-up comedian on the Scottish Comedy Circuit. Some people find him funny. Apparently.

Teams: AdvisoryValuation

Kieran Ferguson

Kieran Ferguson (Junior Analyst) 

Kieran joined the Metis Partners Valuation team after graduating with an MSc in Finance from the University of Strathclyde. Before completing his masters, Kieran worked for Morgan Stanley within Institutional Securities. Kieran’s main responsibilities within the valuation team include identifying and assessing clients’ intellectual property, and deciding upon appropriate royalty rates through license agreement analysis and IP benchmarking, as well as employing various methodologies to derive the value of a client’s IP. Kieran loves a challenge, enjoys a puzzle, and is most content when sitting in the garden with the sun on his face, a book in one hand and a beer in the other.

Teams: AdvisoryValuation

Our interns include:

Kostas Jakeliunas

Alice Muir

Maris Rutkis

Jack Ross

Paweł Czarnowski

Frantisek Brocek

Milda Masilionyte

Barbora Demčáková

Staff in our US office:

Paul Kallmes

Paul Kallmes (Director, Metis Partners Inc.) 

Based on the west coast of the USA, Paul brings a wide array of skills and experience to the IP management field. He has built and managed patent portfolios in a number of old-school manufacturing industries (including paper & textiles). Paul has also worked with a range of organisations including consulting firms (KPMG & IPValue), high-tech R&D labs (Rockwell Scientific) and IP marketplace start-ups ( He previously managed the patent portfolio of Nasdaq-listed Color Kinetics and enjoyed considerable success in turning the company’s licensing practice into a profitable and industry-friendly activity. Following his work at Color Kinetics, he became the IP Strategist at the Lighting Science Group. In recent years he has been an independent consultant to the LED industry, advising on the development of patent portfolios and products (including control chips, power supplies, light drivers and complete fixtures such as LED streetlights and therapeutic LED light fixtures). For Paul, effective IP asset management starts at the beginning of a company’s lifespan and should be applied continuously throughout in order to maximise its value at any given time.