Minerva Research Labs

Company name: Minerva Research Labs

Industry sector: Beauty – Pharmaceuticals

Business activity: Minerva develops and markets the GOLD COLLAGEN product line. The most advanced liquid food supplements designed for skincare and hair care. Since 2009 we have grown into a world-leading brand of innovative “nutra-cosmeceuticals”. Launching GOLD COLLAGEN in 2011 materialised our vision to revolutionise the way people use nutritional supplements and beauty regimes to look and feel good. By 2012, our original product was one of the bestselling products in Boots.  We now operate successfully in more than 30 countries such as USA, Canada, Spain, Benelux, Gulf.

Why is IP important to you? Patents, trademarks, designs, development/research/clinical trial/manufacturing processes, the brand, databases and all our IP documents/establishes most of our achievements in research and innovation.

Does IP underpin your competitive advantage? Minerva is a research-based Nutra-Cosmeceutical aiming to become a global brand. We are engaged in the discovery, development and marketing of consumer healthcare products. Minerva believes that IP is critical to driving innovation and stimulating advancement. We have several patents which underpin the ‘beauty liquid supplements’ sector utilising extensive R&D which allows us to continue to meet our consumer’s needs and market the most effective and quality products backed up by clinical proofs.


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