good loop

Company name: Good Loop

Industry sector: AdTech

Business activity: Good-Loop improves advertising for all by delivering opt-in high-value adverts. The viewer donates to charity by watching an advert. For the advertiser, instead of annoying their audience, they get the benefit of an engaged and positive viewer. The publisher sees increased revenue by creating a higher-value ad-space.

Why is IP important to you: IP is key to our long-term value. By treating the viewer as a partner, rather than a target, we encourage them to provide data. This will build a valuable database of profiles. As the data is collected in an ethical opt-in (& opt-out) manner, this database benefits from high-quality data, lenient usage rights, and consumer trust. This feeds into our innovative big-data profiling and machine-learning software, to power better advert selection. This drives major increases in revenue.


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