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Biomedical Sciences Research & Development Company


The Company was focused around the discovery and development of novel classes of therapeutic molecules, innovative enzymes and functional ingredients. It had collected tens of thousands of microorganisms from unique habitats in the UK and internationally, then isolated these in a microbial library, creating a unique IP asset within a niche sector. The ground-breaking nature of the company’s pursuits secured it millions of pounds in funding from investors.


The IP assets received interest from a number of parties within the industry. A range of offers had been received, including a number of combined offers for both the physical and IP assets. Metis Partners was assigned the task of valuing the IP assets. Providing a valuation for the IP assets gave those involved the opportunity to develop a greater understanding of the worth of the constituent assets of the Company.

Our Approach

We began forming our Intellectual Property Valuation Opinion by carrying out an Information Discovery Exercise. This entailed identifying and assessing the IP assets and their context through desktop research and holding IP discovery telephone calls with key people in the Company. We identified an extensive portfolio of IP assets which included the microbial library & its associated data, the Company brand, several trademarks under which the Company had branded its various products, numerous patent applications, granted patents relating to new chemical entities and a system platform that the Company had developed, branded website & domain names, operational/health & safety manuals, marketing materials and market intelligence documents. Financial analysis was then carried out upon these IP assets using financial modelling and specialist royalty databases. We then compared the results against comparable data held on our IP benchmark database, which contains extensive information on previous IP asset sales, to which only we have access.

Our vast experience in the field of IP asset sales from distressed scenarios gave us incomparable insight in valuing the niche IP assets present in this instance.



  • Delivered an end-to-end valuation process for a niche industry
  • Determined value in a difficult asset class
  • Ensured that fair value was paid for IP assets
  • Added clarity and provided confidence to those involved in the “pre-pack” administration deal

Photo credit: Shaun Fisher