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Premium Vodka Brand


The Company, a manufacturer of premium vodka, was founded by a young entrepreneur with the vision of creating a uniquely blended vodka. The founder developed the recipe in conjunction with a 500 year old brewery situated in the traditional landscapes of Eastern Europe. The brand won multiple industry awards, achieved listings in supermarkets with brand awareness being mostly concentrated in premium locations in London.


An offer had been made in relation to the IP and a “pre-pack” administration was the chosen route. Metis Partners were assigned the task of valuing the IP Assets in order to reassure the parties involved that the offer price was fair under the circumstances.

Our Approach

Three steps were carried out in forming our Intellectual Property Valuation Opinion. The first was to identify and assess the assets and their context. In order to do this, we carried out detailed desktop research and held an Intellectual Property discovery telephone call with the director. In this instance, the assets consisted of the vodka’s brand and reputation, critical customer relationships the company had, trademarks protecting the brand, unregistered trademarks associated with the logo and tag-line, the branded website and domain name, marketing materials and images, rights in the label on the bottle and critical partners/supplier relationships that the company had built. The second step was to carry out financial analysis on the IP assets, using financial modelling and specialist royalty databases. In the final stage, we compared the client’s data against comparable data held on our extensive and unique IP benchmark database. Our three stage process – utilising our unique experience – gives us an unparalleled ability to form a cogent valuation of IP assets. Our Intellectual Property Valuation Opinion reassured and provided confidence to all parties that the correct price was paid for the IP assets in the “pre-pack” administration sale. A Metis Partners Intellectual Property Valuation Opinion ensured that, in relation to the IP assets, the “pre-pack” administration deal was SIP 16 compliant.

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  • Helped the Company to go through the administration process
  • Decreased the stigma usually associated with “pre-pack” deals by ensuring a “fair” amount was paid
  • Added clarity and provided confidence to those involved in the “pre-pack” administration deal

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