‘A ‘New Normal’ Needs a New IP Narrative and Lenders Are Listening!’: Webinar in Partnership with Catax

On the 21st July we partnered with R&D tax specialists Catax to create a webinar providing a unique insight into how businesses can gain an invaluable cash injection by presenting IP as collateral to attract the attention of lenders, or through using tax relief to fund growth and innovation.

Our founder Stephen Robertson used his twenty years of experience to explain how to recognise, present and offer your IP as collateral to lenders. He also explained the narrative needed to gain the attention of lenders, helping you to secure often vital working capital.

Catax’s Paul O’Kell then discussed the work they do with businesses which have been innovating and growing their IP portfolios, helping them recognise what qualifies as R&D. He shared Catax’s insights on how to best secure this cash and complement the funds that businesses are looking to raise from lenders and investors.

Take a look below at our presentation with Catax.

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