LES Scotland celebrate World IP Day in style

LES Scotland celebrate World IP Day in style

The digital age we live and work in has enabled Intellectual Property (IP) to be transferred around the world at the click of a mouse. More so than any previous era, the ease of sharing information globally has shown the need for a robust framework of protections and licensing for IP.

For the last 17 years, the April 26th has been set as an annual World IP Day, commemorating the day on which the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) Convention came into force. This year is no exception and celebrations will be taking part worldwide, reinforcing the global nature of IP challenges and opportunities.

The theme for the 17th annual World IP Day – Digital Creativity: Culture Reimagined – has sparked discussions on the impact that digital culture has on businesses looking to create, access and finance their innovations and secure their rights.

Metis Partners, an award-winning commercial intellectual property consulting firm, will be joining the forces with the Licensing Executive Society (LES) Committee to guarantee that Scotland takes part in this global fiesta. Stephen Robertson of Metis Partners chairs the Scottish Committee and said: “At the LES we wanted to give members and interested parties the opportunity to share experiences, network with fellow professionals and celebrate World IP Day together. I hope this will become an annual dinner in Scotland.”

The featured speaker at the dinner is Tim Burne, CEO of the IP-rich company, Plastic Logic, developer and manufacturer of robust and truly flexible ePaper displays. He will speak about the turnaround of this IP-rich business and the journey he took to execute a £700m fundraising plan a few years ago, exceeding stakeholders’ expectations.

M Burne will also talk about recognising the importance of the IP asset portfolio and its value as an enabler in discussions with investors; highlighting the significance of know-how and trade secrets in conversations with customers and partners.

He said: “When speaking to a group as well versed in the intricacies of IP as the LES, I am able to reinforce the vital importance of the IP asset portfolio; not just as a balance sheet item, but as a major factor in investor and funding discussions.”