Contact management platform Nameloop’s intellectual property assets are available for sale through Metis Partners

Contact management platform Nameloop’s intellectual property assets are available for sale through Metis Partners

The intellectual property (“IP”) assets of Nameloop, an attractive contact management platform that allows users to share contact and personal data efficiently and securely, are available for sale through Metis Partners, an award-winning IP consultancy and broker.

During Nameloop’s two years of development, its creators have been focusing on the establishment of a network for people sharing their personal data with other contacts and companies, and changing the way people share their personal data. The cross-platform Nameloop app has established strong brand identity, which allows for a major network to be built upon the sharing of personal data between users.

Nameloop has a strong focus on privacy of data, whereby users can set up different “Loops” (contact groups) on the platform and control the personal information that is shared with each Loop. Furthermore, Nameloop is built to replicate existing address books. It enables users to connect with people, as well as businesses, and that the corresponding contact information is synced to the users’ local address books on their mobile devices.

The Nameloop app is accompanied by a business offering, a web app dashboard – Nameloop for Business. The web app allows companies to access up-to-date and accurate personal user’s data in real time. By setting up Loops, companies can obtain the desired information from customers, employees or members. User data can also be imported easily to a company’s CRM system.

Nat Baldwin, Head of Brokerage at Metis Partners, said: Developed by a dedicated in-house team, the Nameloop API is remarkably robust, covering an extensive range of circa 300 methods, which would assist any further development of the platform to support additional mobile operating systems.

“We expect the sale to be of interest to companies active in mobile application and CRM software development, e-commerce, telecommunication, banking, advertising and marketing, higher education, and the HR/recruitment sectors.”

The IP assets include: the platform/software source code and applications, goodwill and reputation of the Nameloop brand, trademarks, website content, and domain names.

The sale of Nameloop’s IP assets reinforces Metis Partners’ position as experts in IP asset sales, particularly within the social media and software development industry. The award-winning Metis Partners has led numerous successful IP asset sales exercises in relation to widely-recognised software IP assets to date, including those of WeeWorld, Blipfoto and Blinkbox.

In addition, Metis Partners has recently closed a major sale of a music sharing app to a multinational NYSE-quoted investor.

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