SOLD: Reaqua Systems IP Asset Sale

SOLD: Reaqua Systems IP Asset Sale

This sale is a unique opportunity to purchase the intellectual property assets relating to the innovative Reaqua micro greywater reuse technology, a proven solution which reduces water consumption by up to 30% and energy consumption for water heating by up to 50%.

Business Overview

Incorporated in 2009 as a corporate venture by Scottish & Southern Energy plc and Scottish Enterprise, the Company has since become the leading designer and developer of domestic and commercial greywater recycling and heat recovery systems. The only greywater product to have been awarded water efficiency accreditation and approval for connection to the water mains by the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme, the product has been adopted by customers such as Manchester Metropolitan University, Persimmon Housing, Taylor Wimpey and Lyndon Homes.

Technology Overview

The core Reaqua technology centres on collecting waste-water (“greywater”) from baths and showers and, through a short filtration process, recycling it for use in flushing toilets. The technology can be placed in new-build homes or retrofitted during refurbishment projects. Through the course of extensive testing and R&D processes, the Reaqua technology has effectively solved the complexities behind greywater reuse.

The Company has two core products:


The reAqua product is a device which takes greywater from a bath or shower and reuses it to flush toilets. A revised plumbing setup takes all waste water from baths and showers and redirects it through a compact reAqua filtration unit, treating it with a proprietary disinfectant which conforms to BS EN1276 standards (99.8% reduction in bacteria). The treated water is piped on to supply all flushing water needs for multiple toilets. If one toilet is specified, gravity feed is sufficient. If two or more are connected, an electrically pumped feed is provided within the unit. The unit can supply up to nine toilets on multiple floor-levels.


The reAqua+ product operates in the same way with the additional benefit of recovering energy from waste water and returning the low grade heat to the property. The installation setup is similar, but it includes the addition of a heat exchanger located in the greywater storage tank. Recovered heat is transferred to the cold feed of a combi-boiler or hot water cylinder, reducing demand on the existing central-heating system. The reAqua+ system is the first greywater system that has been combined with a heat recovery system in the British market, and has the potential to save up to 3,000kWh of energy and up to one tonne of CO2 per year.

The products have a number of accreditations, including is SAP Appendix Q, CfSH, BREEAM, and conform to CE standards including BS EN60335 (Household and Electrical Appliances Safety Guidelines) and BS 8525-1 AND BS 8525-2 (Greywater Systems: Code of Practice).

IP Assets For Sale

All offers/notes of interest or requests for more information should be directed to Nat Baldwin.

  • 4 PCT patent applications
  • Proprietary disinfectant formula
  • Extensive organisational knowledge including but not limited to test data, design guides, installation guides, technical specifications and White Papers
  • Accreditations including SAP Appendix Q Recognition, BREEAM and Code for Sustainable Home compliance, WRAS accreditation and CE markings including BS EN60335 and BS EN1276
  • 3 registered Community trade marks & 1 filed US trade mark
  • Branded domain names and website content

All offers/notes of interest or requests for more information should be directed to Nat Baldwin.