Lawn Bowls Extravaganza

Lawn Bowls Extravaganza

We are back to business here at Metis Partners after the huge success of our Lawn Bowls Extravaganza at Glasgow’s iconic Kelvingrove location. Our event proved hugely popular, with new bonds and relationships forged over bowls and (one or two) drinks as representatives from many firms, such as DWF, Burness Paull, Murgitroyd, Barclays, Jumpstart, Pinsent Masons and many others attended.

Whilst the event was about more than simply Lawn Bowls, and it wasn’t a competition (well, in some cases certainly not a close one, naming no names!), we were hugely impressed with the skills exhibited from some teams, and here are the final standings:

  • BERMUDA (Barclays – Douglas Brown, Stuart McAleese, Owen Murrell)

  • SOUTH AFRICA (Maven – Richard Elliot, Kieran Good, Martin McLaren)

  • SINGAPORE (McClure Naismith – Alexander Lamley, Calum Robertson,  Metis Partners –  Michelle Korman)

  • BARBADOS (Johnston Carmichael – Ricky Murray, Lyn Calder, Douglas Paton, Gavin Young)

However, the event was not solely about Lawn Bowls, despite how the competitive instincts of some may have taken over. So, as well as the overall standings, we have some additional awards:

  • Master of Social Media #businessbowls – Lyndsey Craig (Murgitroyd)

  • Best Bowling Style – Stephen Walker (Lincoln IP)

  • Best Dressed – Grant McNally (Barclays)

We would like to thank all our participants for getting into the spirit of the event and making it an enjoyable and memorable occasion for all! Our very own founder Stephen Robertson looked rather dashing as the referee, whilst other members of our team operated in a slightly less authoritative role, running around as jokers.

With the Barclays team already having declared their intention to defend their Crown, and feedback from others being overwhelmingly positive, we suspect we’ll be back on the green for some more #businessbowls in the not too distant future.

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