Metis Partners provides a specialist, outsourced intellectual property asset sales service to maximise returns for clients. We have operated for over ten years in the UK market, and also have extensive experience in the US, European and Asian markets. Our expertise covering all aspects and applications of intellectual property enables us to offer our client a one-stop-shop for intellectual property asset sales services.

Our international reach built on years of operating allows Metis Partners access to an unparalleled network of buyers of intellectual property assets. Our robust and proven methodology ensures a competitive bidding process between targeted and relevant parties, and is supported by our significant track record of IP sales in a variety of asset classes and sectors. Have a look at some of our previous sales and case studies for further examples.

We are always innovative in marketing IP assets to create the best return, and are currently running a variety of IP asset sales – have a look at our current sales.

We have sold…

  • Source code and associated IP assets of a music messaging app to a multinational firm within the entertainment industry
  • A well-known fashion and retail brand with premium associations and worldwide recognition
  • A dormant fashion brand which substantially increased our client’s return on investment
  • An underutilised fashion brand for a large UK high street retailer
  • And a lot more…

We have a flexible approach to IP asset sale assignments, and we can do as much or as little of the process as is commercially required. Our IP asset sales services break down into two broad categories:

  • Active IP Asset Sale
  • Passive IP Asset Sale

Active Intellectual Property Asset Sale

Our fully comprehensive intellectual property asset sales service includes three key stages:

1. Intellectual Property Asset Identification

  • We carry out desk-based research using a range of sources and communicate with third parties including patent and trade mark agents
  • We complete an IP Asset Discovery Exercise with management in order to identify and collate information on the full range of IP assets within a company (not just formal IP)
  • Our Metisology® allows us to identify all intellectual property assets present in the business, including those not typically found on the balance sheet
  • We create sales and marketing documentation, including an Intellectual Property Asset Marketing Report, which catalogues and highlights value in the intellectual property assets

2. Marketing

  • Metis Partners approach a global network of contacts active in acquiring various intellectual property assets as well as the client’s own known interested parties
  • Specific to every assignment, Metis Partners builds a bespoke database of potentially interested parties from multiple markets and sectors
  • Targeted calls are made to potential purchasers of the IP assets
  • Our use of a third party PR firm and our social media activities maximises exposure
  • We handle correspondence and communications with potential buyers, including the circulation of sales and marketing documentation and follow-up emails, the setting of deadlines and minimum offer levels, and the receipt of offers
  • Our established auction process ensures competitive tension is created, resulting in the best possible return
  • Buyer information requests and due diligence enquiries are managed by Metis Partners

3. Sales Execution

  • Metis Partners facilitates offer acceptance
  • We liaise with the buyers’ and sellers’ solicitors to ensure timely completion, which means getting the sale over the line!

Passive Intellectual Property Asset Sale

Alongside our Active Intellectual Property Asset Sale, Metis Partners also offers a client-led, cost-focused sales service which incorporates a templated marketing and sales documentation and advertisement through social media and our own website. In brief, Metis Partners will:

  • Provide an IP asset sales document template for completion by the client
  • Send a shortened marketing brief prepared by the client to our contacts active in acquiring various intellectual property assets
  • Utilise social media, and post the opportunity on the Metis Partners website