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Metis Partners has significant experience generating cash for clients through the sale and licensing of their intellectual property assets in various scenarios. We have worked with clients across a multitude of sectors, always with an overarching focus on helping them maximise their financial return through the commercialisation of IP assets. There is a significant amount of scope for companies to leverage their IP assets via IP asset sales or licensing. These IP assets include amongst others:

  • Heritage product brands
  • Well-developed application/software that can be utilised in other markets
  • Underutilised patent families
  • Valuable data which may benefit another company but is no longer critical to the IP owner’s operations

Whether you are looking to generate operating capital by divesting yourself of an underutilised patent within your business, or are looking to leverage the value you have built up in a corporate or product brand, Metis Partners can help you maximise the financial return linked to your IP assets.

IP Asset Sales Services

Metis Partners provides a comprehensive, specialist outsourced intellectual property asset sales service to maximise returns for clients in different scenarios. Our proven auction process ensures competitive tension is created throughout. Metis Partners has generated £tens of millions for clients from the sale of IP assets.

In brief, Metis Partners will:

  • Identify, catalogue and “bundle” all relevant and associated IP assets in order to highlight and bolster their value
  • Create a comprehensive marketing document packaging all IP assets in order to maximise the return prior to the sale
  • Build a bespoke database incorporating contact information of potentially interested parties from multiple markets and sectors
  • Utilise our database of contacts from previous and similar IP sales assignments, as well as our existing global network of contacts interested in acquiring a wide range of IP assets via an active “doesanybodyknow” marketing campaign
  • Handle and negotiate all formal expressions of interest from buyers approached and provide tactical support to any bidding process

We have sold…

  • Source code and associated IP assets of a music messaging app to a multinational firm within the entertainment industry
  • A well-known fashion and retail brand with premium associations and worldwide recognition
  • A dormant fashion brand which substantially increased our client’s return on investment
  • An underutilised fashion brand for a large UK high street retailer
  • And a lot more!

Alternatively, we also offer a Passive Intellectual Property Asset Sale service, please see further details here.

IP Licensing Services

Metis Partners helps inventors and companies alike navigate their way through the complexities of IP-related commercialisation deals and structures to exploit proprietary intellectual property assets in order to create different business models capable of generating new revenue streams. Metis Partners has particular expertise in providing a range of specialist advice and support on appropriate licence strategies and structures, commercial royalty rates and market entry strategies using IP as an enabler. We have helped companies to license IP in sustainable ways which generates additional revenue for the company beyond the lifetime of the IP assets without prejudicing its own interests and business activities.

Brand Inside Track

Building on Metis Partners’ success and expertise in selling fashion and retail brands, Brand Inside Track™ is launched this year as a bolt-on service for our network of contacts and clients. Offering a valuable source of off-market brand sales information, it caters to the needs of brand owners, purchasers, and intermediaries within the fashion and retail industry. Brand Inside Track™ offers the following complimentary benefits:

  • Valuable point of contact for brand sale-related enquiries for both brand sellers and buyers
  • First access to off-market brand sale opportunities
  • Quarterly Metis Partners newsletter, which includes informed and insightful content on brand and IP protection
  • Invitation to any Brand Inside Track™ events hosted by Metis Partners throughout the year


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To find out more about our IP asset sales and licensing services, contact Ruby Chang at ruby@metispartners.com or a member of the team on 0141 353 3011.

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