Steorn IP Asset Sale


David Van Dessel of Deloitte, the Liquidator of Steorn Limited (in Liquidation) (“Steorn” or the “Company”), has appointed Metis Partners to support the marketing and sale of certain of the intellectual property (“IP”) assets relating to the Company.


  • Specialist Energy Technology Patent Portfolio
  • International Patent Protection
  • Exciting Opportunity to Extend Business Streams
  • Attractive Four-Letter Domain Name

This is a unique opportunity to acquire the patent portfolio of Steorn, an innovative energy technology developer, as well as a unique four-letter domain name.


All offers and requests for more information should be submitted by email directly to Morven Fraser at and Aylin Dzhafer at The deadline for offers has been set at Friday 14th July at noon.


The Company’s patent portfolio relates to energy and engineering and comprises four patent families, with pending patent protection in Europe and granted patents in the US, which is available for sale.

Within Steorn’s patent portfolio, one US patent application is related to a water heating system with a water and heat recovery component, whilst an EU patent application refers to an electromagnetic system with no mutual inductance and an inductive gain.

The Company also holds granted US patents, which refer to an electric motor with no counter electromotive force and a low energy magnetic actuator respectively. The electromagnetic motor system has the ability to change from one magnetic state to another magnetic state and as a reason has no counter/back electromotive force. The low energy magnetic actuator allows magnetic fields to be turned on and off using a small amount of energy.


This opportunity is likely to be of interest to companies operating in the following areas:

  • Water Treatment
  • Energy
  • Engineering
  • Patent Acquisition


  • Patent Applications
  • Granted Patent
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