Helixion IP Asset Sale



Blair Carnegie Nimmo and Gerard Anthony Friar of KPMG LLP, the Joint Liquidators of Helixion Limited (in Liquidation) (“Helixion” or the “Company”), have appointed Metis Partners to support the marketing and sale of the intellectual property (“IP”) assets relating to the Company.


  • Proprietary Software and Source Code
  • Well-regarded Brand and Reputation
  • UK Trade Mark Protection
  • Branded Website
  • Patent Applications in the UK, Europe and Worldwide
  • Customer Database

This is a unique opportunity to acquire the IP assets of Helixion, a leading provider of innovative solutions for secure contactless transactions for mobile devices.


All offers and requests for more information should be submitted by email directly to Morven Fraser at morven@metispartners.com and Ruby Chan at ruby@metispartners.com. The deadline for offers has been set at Tuesday 25th July 2017 at noon.



The Company was incorporated in 2002 for the purpose of developing mobile application and encryption technologies. Since 2009, Helixion has specialised in contactless transactions and had approximately 100 customers, including large corporate entities, notably Vodafone and Carta Worldwide.

The Company had released a number of products, including:

  • lok – MPL – a platform which fully supports Visa and MasterCard mobile Near Field Communication (NFC) payments
  • lok – Framework – a platform that is designed to test all aspects of a contactless ecosystem for security, consistency, reliability and validity

In addition, Helixion offered Consultancy and Training Services as well as Development Services for the development of mobile solutions.


The Company has two software-led products, both of which are used to aid the development of contactless transaction applications for mobile devices.

The lok – MPL product allows users to develop their own contactless transaction application for mobile devices. The product was developed gradually to support all forms of transactions across Secure Element (SE), Host Card Emulation (HCE), NFC and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). The lok – MPL product holds all critical certification to support both Visa and MasterCard.

The lok – Framework is a platform developed by Helixion, which validates all parts of a contactless mobile ecosystem using a number of tools, such as lok – SE test, lok – PayChecker Pro, and lok – MPA Test. The user can test the entire contactless mobile product or each component part can be isolated and individually tested.


This opportunity is likely to be of interest to companies operating in the following areas:

  • Mobile Technology
  • Payment Processing
  • Software Development
  • Business Solutions


  • Proprietary Software and Source Code
  • Rights in the Registered Trade Marks and Unregistered Trade Marks
  • Patent Applications
  • Customer Database
  • Organisational Knowledge
  • Goodwill in the Brand and Reputation of the Helixion and lok Brands
  • Branded Domain Name and Website Content
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