Sport Technology Services IP Asset Sale



We are presenting an exciting opportunity to purchase the intellectual property (“IP”) assets of Sport Technology Services Limited (“STS” or the “Company”), the company behind a number of innovative sports technology products including Coachcam and TactX.


  • Coachcam – cutting edge video analysis mobile app with unique sports coaching mark-up features
  • Tactx – 3D animation software for the design of football drills and training routines used by UEFA
  • Proprietary algorithm underpinning exclusive “cut and move” functionality in video analysis
  • Revenue-generating software products applicable in the expanding sports technology industry
  • Attractive commercialisation opportunity

This is a unique opportunity to acquire and commercialise the IP assets behind the Company’s market ready and revenue-generating software products, Coachcam and TactX, which have the potential to be exploited in a number of growing key market segments including sports technology, sports analytics, and software development. IP assets for sale include: proprietary software, goodwill rights, branded domain names and websites, extensive organisational knowledge, and customer data.


All offers and requests for more information should be submitted by email directly to Ruby Chan ( or Nat Baldwin ( The deadline for offers has been set for Tuesday 21st February 2017 at noon.



Sport Technology Services is a software development and consultancy company specialising in the sports industry, which has a focus on coach education. Since the Company’s incorporation in 2012, STS has focused on developing innovative solutions to assist coaches in analysing and improving athlete performance. The Company’s revenue-generating products include Coachcam and TactX.

The Company’s four brands, Sport Technology Services, Coachcam, TactX and CoachPlus, are recognised within the sports industry, as a result of the Company’s software development and consulting activities and partnership with notable organisations including the Union of European Football Associations (“UEFA”), the Scottish Football Association (“SFA”), and the National Soccer Coaches Association of America.




Available on iOS and Android, CoachCam is a proprietary mobile application available on iOS and Android, and is a video-based performance analysis and communication tool for sports coaching.

CoachCam allows users to record and edit sports videos instantly and communicate potential performance improvements to a team or an individual athlete. Since November 2015, Coachcam has been successfully trialled by the SFA.

Coachcam is integrated with the unique “Cut and Move” feature, underpinned by proprietary algorithm, which allows users to “move” players or objects and plays an important role in improving coach-to-player communication. Other key Coachcam features include:

  • Ability to import videos from a range of sources or record live footage;
  • Player and space highlight tool; and
  • Useful frame-by-frame analysis;


TactX is a 3D animation software specifically tailored for football coaching, which was originally developed for coaches within the Union of European Football Association (“UEFA”).

TactX allows coaches to create football drills and training routines with ease on Windows and Mac-based devices. Football-specific drills are created by inserting animated players on the field and moving them around at the push of a button.

TactX features an attractive package of software functions enabling users to cover all aspects of a football training session. Key TactX features include:

  • Ability to design football-specific drills and training routines in 2D which are automatically converted to advanced and attractive 3D animations;
  • Motion captured animation from professional football players resulting in realistic end video products; and
  • Easy video export with mobile device compatibility. 

Coach Plus

Coach Plus is a digital magazine, originally created based on content from the Company’s online blog, which comprises articles from academics and accredited authors in the coaching field. Since its launch in January 2015, Coach Plus has been successful in achieving its aim of educating and stimulating discussion amongst coaches of all levels, and has achieved an international readership base.

Coach Plus complements the Company’s software products demonstrating the synergy between the products and the Company’s unique position and insight within the industry.


  • Proprietary software behind CoachCam and TactX
  • Goodwill rights in the Sport Technology Services, CoachCam, TactX and Coach Plus brands
  • Registered trade mark
  • Branded domain names and websites
  • Extensive organisational knowledge
  • Customer data and database



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