Arloon IP Asset Sale


Arloon, an innovative multilingual educational application (“apps”) portfolio integrated with state-of-the-art augmented reality (“AR”) technology, presents an opportunity to tap into the rapidly growing market segment of educational gaming (part of a wider gaming industry estimated at USD$100bn in 2016).


  • Educational Apps Integrated with Innovative AR Technology
  • Multilingual Apps include: Anatomy, Plants, Mental Math, Geometry, Solar System and Chemistry
  • Designed to Complement School Curricula and Increase Student Engagement in Learning
  • More Than Half a Million App Downloads Achieved
  • International User Base
  • Compatible for iOS, Android and Windows Devices
  • Attractive Commercialisation Proposition

This is a unique opportunity to acquire an attractive portfolio of innovative and in-demand apps within the edutainment space which presents significant scope to be commercially exploited. IP assets for sale include: software and source codes, goodwill in the Arloon brand, branded domain name and website, registered trade mark, databases and organisational knowledge.

The integration of the Arloon apps with existing app portfolios and technology could potentially help extend product offering and open doors to the booming market of mobile games alongside the popularity of Pokémon GO and the worldwide phenomenon of AR.

Arloon awards


All offers and requests for more information should be submitted by email directly to Ruby Chan ( or Nat Baldwin (


Arloon provides an innovative range of high quality educational mobile applications which are integrated with state-of-the-art AR technology. Developed by Paradox S.L. over the course of 2014 – 2015 and formerly published by Dada Company, circa £400,000 has been invested in the creation and development of the Arloon app portfolio.

With users spreading across Europe, the Americas and the Far East, the Company’s app portfolio has achieved more than half a million downloads and revenues of circa £150k to date. The apps are currently available on a range of operating systems including iOS, Android and Windows. During a promotional week in May 2016, the Arloon apps achieved circa 330k downloads, significantly demonstrating their immense potential to be exploited commercially.

Utilising AR technology, interactive animation and 3D graphics, the Arloon apps are designed to complement existing primary and secondary school curricula and help increase student engagement in learning.

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The multilingual apps currently target children between the ages of 5 – 13, which include:


Arloon Mental Math

Revolutionary app helps children perform mental addition and subtraction equations by practicing skills and techniques through entertaining and interactive games.

Arloon Plants

Intuitive in design, the app is designed to teach users about the lifecycle of plants and how they adapt and survive in changing environments and seasons.

Arloon Solar System

One of the Arloon’s most popular apps, Arloon Solar System, enables users to delve into astronomy, taking them on a discovery voyage of our planetary system.

Arloon Anatomy

Providing a unique experience in learning about human anatomy, the app possesses a wide knowledge base on many of the systems and functions of the human body.

Arloon Chemistry

Arloon Chemistry transforms the user’s device into a laboratory, allowing them to perform experiments and produce compounds virtually.

Arloon Geometry

Making use of 3D graphics and animations to enhance the student’s spatial imagination, the app allows users to manipulate and study over 50 geometric shapes.

This opportunity is likely to be of interest to those operating in areas including educational app development, educational content publishing, educational technology, kid’s entertainment platform development, software development and schools/educational bodies.


  • Software source codes
  • Goodwill rights in the Arloon brand
  • Registered trade mark
  • Branded domain name and website
  • User data and database
  • Organisational Knowledge


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