Nameloop IP Asset Sale

Nameloop IP Asset Sale 45

This is a unique opportunity to purchase the intellectual property (“IP”) assets of Nameloop Limited (“Nameloop” or “the Company”) – the company behind Nameloop, a leading contact and personal data management platform with unique value propositions. Being available on the web and through natively-built iOS and Android applications (“apps”), the cross-platform Nameloop app has established strong brand identity, which allows for a major network to be built upon the sharing of personal data between users.


  • Unique Contact Management Platform
  • Attractive Commercialisation Proposition
  • Leading Software and Technology
  • Robust API with Extensive Method Coverage
  • Award-winning Business
  • Numerous Branded Domain Names


All offers or requests for more information should be submitted by email directly to Nat Baldwin at or Ruby Chan at The deadline for offers has been set at noon Thursday 19th November 2015.


Nameloop is an attractive contact management platform that allows users to share contact and personal data efficiently and securely.

The Company’s vision is to “connect the world at a personal data level”, which is delivered by Nameloop’s strong focus on privacy. Users can set up different “Loops” (contact groups) on the platform and control the personal data that’s shared with each Loop. Built to replicate an address book, Nameloop enables users to connect with companies and sync their contact information to the users’ phonebook seamlessly.

Nameloop is accompanied by Nameloop for Business (“NLFB”), the commercially-oriented web app for business users to access personal user’s data in real time. This ensures that user data is always accurate and up-to-date. Companies can set up Loops, and choose the information they would like to access from customers, employees, or members. User data can also be imported to a company’s CRM system with ease.

Nameloop – The Contacts Network from Nameloop on Vimeo.


The Nameloop platform has been professionally developed by the skilled in-house team, and source code is held in relation to the Nameloop web app, NLFB web app, API, as well as the fully native iOS and Android apps.

The software offers a number of attractive features:

  • Remarkably robust API covering an extensive range of circa 300 methods
  • Security with RDBMS data being encrypted at rest
  • Optimised hosting architecture for ease of scalability relevant to the amount of traffic and users
  • Well-documented source code with annotations
  • Consistent code-level errors monitoring via New Relic
  • Immaculate bug-tracking record

Nameloop IP Asset Sale 18


  • Software Source Code
  • Goodwill in the brand and reputation of the Nameloop brand
  • Rights in the registered trade marks and unregistered trade mark
  • User database
  • Website content and domain names
  • Organisational knowledge


The following conditions shall be applied to all offers: (1) legal completion will occur within 7 working days of offer acceptance; (2) a non-returnable deposit of 20% will be payable within 24 hours of offer acceptance (this will secure exclusivity); (3) in addition, Metis Partners reserves the right to charge the successful purchaser a buyer’s premium of 10% of the purchase price at offer acceptance; (4) all offers submitted are deemed to be exclusive of VAT and VAT is likely to be payable.


All offers should be submitted by email directly to Nat Baldwin at or Ruby Chan at

Any offer conditions (clarification of details or specific questions about assets) should be included in the e-mail. All communication regarding offers should be made to Metis Partners. For any additional questions relating to the available IP assets or the sale process, please do not hesitate to contact Nat Baldwin or Ruby Chan.

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