StreamFlex IP Asset Sale

StreamFlex IP Asset Sale

StreamFlex is a tariff simulation, optimisation and management software solutions provider. This is a unique opportunity to purchase the software technology developed by the Company and other related IP Assets.

Business Overview

Since 2002 Stream Flex has supplied tariff simulation, optimisation and management software solutions to telecom operators and service providers. The Company markets its solutions as enablers of “tariff transparency” and has an excellent reputation within organisations including Orange, Vodafone, T-Mobile, O2, TDC and KPN.

Technology Overview

In order to enable tariff transparency the Company has developed a number of proprietary Tariff Lifecycle Solutions and Customer Lifecycle Solutions based on the StreamFlex Platform.

Tariff Lifecycle Solutions

The Tariff Modeller software application ensures effective management of the tariff lifecycle by effectively analysing and comparing the financial impacts of any tariff, whilst the Tariff Manager software application provides central control over tariff inception and publication.

Customer Lifecycle Solutions

The Company’s customer lifecycle solutions aid customer retention and customer acquisition. The Company’s Customer Keeper software application provides best tariff advice to existing customers and the Company’s Tariff Finder software application provides best tariff analysis to support the sales acquisition process. Assurance and Billing Support solutions have also been provided to suit individual requirements.

StreamFlex Platform

The StreamFlex Platform is a proprietary software technology for the development and deployment of complex streamed applications. The StreamFlex Platform was developed by the Company to address the gap in BSS/ OSS capabilities within network operators, and has proven its effectiveness both as a developed toolbox and production environment.

The Platform was designed for rapid assembly of new applications from existing components.

The Company has made significant investment in the development of the StreamFlex Platform technology, with development being carried out continuously since 2003.

IP Assets For Sale

  • Tariff Simulation Software Applications
  • Tariff Optimisation Software Applications
  • Tariff Management Software Applications
  • StreamFlex Platform Software Technology
  • Organisational Knowledge
  • Branded Website & Domain Names
  • The “StreamFlex” Brand

All offers/notes of interest or requests for more information should be directed to Morven Fraser.

Image Credit: Simon Yeo

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